With the DogeLuna token it’s much easier to do because you're buying 2 coins at once. Holding a new crypto birthed by fans of the Luna token you'll be forever rewarded in $LUNA which will show its huge potential in the near future.
The Bear Market is coming to an end
— it's time to start buying
The contract is fully audited, the
team is KYC’d, the owner is doxxed.
$LUNA rewards will be automatically distributed to the wallets based
on investors holding % and the current pool size.
Experienced team with
a clear marketing plan
The team and marketing plan
are important parts of the project.
We will publicize the marketing milestones that we have achieved.
An anti-fud community and helping each other is what we aim for, and events with valuable gifts will also
be held regularly.
Vibrant community
and lots of activities
DogeLuna has?
Total supply
5 000 000 000
1 400 000 000
Presale 28%
25 000 000
Fee 0.5%
875 000 000
LP 17.5%
2 500 000 000
Burned 50%
2 %
Marketing wallet
+ manual buyback
1 %
Phase 1 ┃ Q1 — 2022
Design content, design project logo
Website construction
Set up a fund to develop the project
Come up with project ideas
Form a team
Listing on Pancake Swap
Audit and KYC
Presale on Unicrypt
Community Events
Whitelist Contest
Building of International communities
Create communication channels:
●●Telegram, Twitter, Website
1–st round of Marketing Push: various
●●ads, social media presence and more
Phase 2 ┃ Q2 — 2022
Voluntary donation to community
●●chosen charities
Development on many different
●●chains: Avax, Ethereum, Solana
2–nd round of Marketing Push: various
●●ads, social media presence and more
Complete NFT collection
Staking Mechanism release
Listing on Centralized Exchange
Listings on CMC and CoinGecko
Phase 3 ┃ Q3 — 2022
Additional Centralized Exchanges
●● listings and more…
More Influencer promotional material
3–rd round of Marketing Push: Reddit,
●●various ads, social media and more
NFT Marketplace release
Debuting development of Staking
Phase 4 ┃ Q4 — 2022